Thursday, March 29, 2012

Goodness I did it again

Well hello there world!

I am learning that this blogging world is HARD to keep up with - and I should have little to no excuse.

So I will start on my tail of woe...

January I was struck with a bad case of pneumonia and was placed on antibiotics - this continued on into February.

Just in time for my 29th birthday I had 2 teeth that decided to quit on me. (I am my fathers daughter) and I had to be put on another bunch of antibiotics to set me up for 2 root canals.

Whew! With that out of the way I was set for 2012 ready to be full of everything healthy and wonderful.
But alas my body was not ready for that and another 2 teeth wanted in on the root canal fun - therefore another bunch of antibiotics. 

The day of the dental work was the beginning of what I would now like to call "the beginning of the belt line".

So.... who knew that antibiotics could be REALLY bad for you?!? The prescription I was given by the dentist did not leave my body and formed a bacteria that grows in the gut and started to take over the intestine right on into the bowel. So long story short I have an infection that has covered my whole middle section. 
Now I have to say a few things - because I have dedicated this blog to all things beautiful (and that is anything but...) I am very blessed!

Blessing #1: I had a dear friend Cindy that was with me at the dentist and stayed with me that night as "the beginning of the belt line" started (my insides wanted to be on the outside) and came - even though she was so tired - to the hospital with me at the end of the next day.

Blessing #2: I learned that the nicest nurse seem to all work together. And after feeling like I had been intimate with more doctors than I would every like to say (not of my choosing) I needed some caring nurses that were kind!

Blessing #3: I went into the hospital with 1 thing and came out with 2. 
How does that happen you may ask? Well let me tell you - I had an ultrasound and as they were checking out my left side (the side I had all the pain) they took a peek at my right side and found that I have a cyst on my right ovary (about the size of an orange). Now you may ask, how is this a blessing? to that I would say that I am sure that I would have gone through life - in pain - without getting that checked. So it is a blessing indeed.

Blessing #4: As my stay was coming to a close an older gentleman was placed in my room, I learned that he had had the hiccups for almost 2 weeks. This is in no way a blessing for him, but what I learned was that I was willing to have issues in "The belt line" just as long as I don't have the hiccups.

So after all of that I have been walking around like an 80yr. old and have been in so much pain.
The week following my little hospital stay I was placed on bed rest and the week after that I was again placed on bed rest. I am not sure where I will be in a week - but I am hopeful that there is no where to go but up from here.

I hope that I will be able to start moving soon and that I will be able to introduce food back into my life.

Until that time I will just (in the words of my dearly departed Dad) Try to Keep on Keep'n on.

Oh and Blessing #5: I have been blessed with such a loving family and group of friends I have had amazing people that have picked me up from the hospital, made meals, called, and sent well wishes. 
I am a lucky girl who is very blessed!