Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summertime and the liven' is easy......

"Fish are Jumpin' and the cotton is high"

 These words are the start of a beautiful lullaby my mom used to sing to me every night as she helped me on my way to sleep. It has a lovely "blues" melody and worked like magic to help me drift off.
 I still feel warm and tingly and a tad bit sleepy when I hear that tune. 

But it does make me think about Summertime. You know I'm really not a summer girl, you wont see me baking in the sun or hiking, or really anything to outdoorsy, not in the summer. You see; I'm sadly allergic to the sun and because of that I get a lovely speckled rash whenever I am near the suns rays,
as well I burn like a tree in a forest fire.
(maybe not the best analogue, but it's true) 
So with all of this as I'm sure you can understand - I am not in love with summer. 

But what I can appreciate about
summer is it's beauty - the blue skies and green grass.
(I appreciate it mostly from an air conditioned office/car/basement suite)
I also love the fact that it is the middle man between my two favorite seasons
  Spring and Autumn. 

I love the Spring and the rain it brings, the thunderstorm light shows and those showers that help bring Summers green leaves and grass to life, the puddles, rain jackets, gumboots and fun umbrellas.

But Autumn.... Oh how I love the Autumn, I feel like everything good is in the Autumn.
 General Conference (okay, okay so that's in the Spring too), Thanks Giving, Halloween, feeling the weather change from warm to a crisp/cool breeze, I love when the leaves start to fall and I can hear/feel the crunch under my feet, and most of all I love their colours; beautiful oranges, rich reds and burgundies
  Ooooo I just LOVE the Autumn.

So why the song about Summertime when I am sharing
words of affirmation to my 'season of love' Autumn?
Well it's because I am not one for taking vacations. I take time off from work yes,
but I generally do so that I can assist in the planning of friends weddings,
or other organized events.
 Growing up - Summertime is when you went on Summer Vacation.
The song lyrics are "Summertime and the liven' is easy" unfortunately in the Event industry I would say it's anything but.... We have Weddings, Stampede,
and then a few more Weddings.
I feel blessed to learn and grow and share my creativity/organizational skills in all of it, but I have learned that I need this in moderation.

So I have taken an extended long weekend. I'm excited for my non-planned/planned Vacation. I do have one day (Thursday) dedicated to weddings
(I am helping two very close friends with their planning)
 so as of Friday I am a free bird.

The picture below is to show me in my dream of
beautiful beaches and a sun kissed glow.
Maybe (when all is said and done) the Lord will allow me one day's rest
 to lay on a beach feel the white sand under my toes and soak it all up.

Until then I will spend my time off with those I love
 Family, Friends, and a good book or two.

Oh what a life I get to live.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm a little bit Country, I'm a little bit..Ooo La La

Alright so now it's time to show just one of the things that I have been creating.
I am a lucky girl that I am able to work with people of like mind and we can bat off one another for inspiration.

This table design is just that! It is a sample table that a co-worker and I
put together last minute a few weeks ago.
And I like it
love it

I like to call it 'Country Chic'. I am a big fan of burlap, but I also am drawn to all things sparkly.
So when I have the opportunity to put the 2 together I jump at it.

 In this next picture you can see my most Fav chairs that have the best chair covers on them.
Now I am in no way saying I want these covers to one day
make an appearance at my wedding,
but I would LOVE to use them at a 'Dallas' themed Stampede party.
I am also such a lucky girl that I am able to also work with a fantastic photographer.
(These pictures are hers)
Alleisha Whalen of 'White Owl Photography' is just starting out on her own
but goodness is she ever a TALENT!
She has taught me bits and peices about photography and will even allow me to get behind the lens.
How lucky am I?

So this is one of the things that has kept me busy. I have to say that I know that I am blessed with talents and I want to use them as much as I can. I am also blessed to be surrounded by people that have talent bursting from them.
Oh what a world we live in. If you just look for it you can find it in everyone. We all have talents but some are just hiding them under bushels but not I... No Sir, like that old saying says ‘when my day comes and I return back to the Lord and he asks “where is all your talent?” I can say “I don’t have any left, for I used it all up” I am no where near that point I have so far to go but I’m taking it one day at a time and having so much fun in the process.

Monday, August 29, 2011

This is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship

I started this blog as a way of keeping a journal. I procrastinated
(as oft I do with things I don’t know how to do/work)
to start this up for I would say 8 months. I struggle with change
But here I am on my way to what I like to call ‘fear of change’ Freedom.

Let’s start at the beginning (I hear its a very good place to start)....
I am Kalia Larsen. I’m 28 year old living in the great metropolis that is Calgary.
 I have been here for coming on 6 years and while I love many parts of it I often think that the winds are trying to move me on.

I have been working in the Event industry for most of 5 years and I love it very much I feel so blessed that I have found a job that I fit in and that fits me so well.

I named this blog ‘Kalia’s Bella Vita’ because I wanted to focus on all the beautiful blessings in my life. I know that not everything will be sweet to taste
but I want to try my very best to taste the sweet over the sour.
 I also have many dreams of being able to speak another language, and Italian would be a beautifully fun one to start with.
So with 'Bella' meaning 'Beautiful' & 'Vita' meaning 'Life'
I thought "this is where to begin". 

So 'Kalia’s Bella Vita' is a dedication to all things that happen in my life that will help to mold it into what I will one day (if not today) look at as a ‘beautiful life’.