Sunday, August 12, 2012

2012 Summer Olympics

Now I know that it has been a long time since I have made a post, but I never want to forget these past 16 days.

I wanted to take the moments that have stood out to me over this time.

With a take on the history of Great Britain, 007, and her Majesty the Queen sky diving into Olympic stadium, I would have to say that my favorite was Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) playing Chariots of Fire with the London Symphony.

In no particular order.....

 This is Sally Pearson (the blonde in the middle)
She is one amazing woman... This girl made hurdles look easy, 
She moved like there was nothing in her  way.
When she got to the end and waited for the results I have to say when she let out a cry of joy it was a beautiful moment!!!!!

 Ok I have to say it because for real... ARE YOU KIDDING ME????? 
Mr. Michael Phelps is not just a star in the water but I think he may be half dolphin!

 This was the first upset. With Christine Sinclair's hat trick this team was on fire. These Canadian girls worked so hard and I am sad to say that after poor reffing these girls lost. This could have made these girls sour and cold and it could have effected the next game they had to play
But that's not the Canadian way. We may say we're Sorry but we will still bring it on!
And little Diana Matheson placing her foot in the right place at the right time shooting that winning goal. Canada won bronze like gold medalist! 

Damian Warner was Canada's Contribution to the Men's Decatholong.
He had the goal of making it to top 10. And after beating so many personal bests this young man was able to place a top 5 position. I am cheering for him to make it to 2016 in Rio and showing us what he can do.

Ladies and Gentleman I give you The Worlds Greatest Athlete.
Ashton Eaton the winner of the decatholong and engaged to 
Canadian Olympian Brianne Theisen.
He was amazing to watch!

An Beautiful time for Women

The First 2 women to be in the Olympic Games from Saudia Arabia!

With 4 gold medals, and both Canadian & US passports; 
this Colorado native Missy Franklin (who's parents hail from Canada)
Is going to be a big time STAR!

The only athlete to bring home gold for Canada Rosie MacLennan in.....
You guessed it trampoline. this is every child's dream, I thought when they announced it coming up that it was a joke, but this girl showed me! Way to bounce Rosie - you made me proud to be a Canadian!

Allyson Felix of the USA was beautiful to watch as she won Gold in the
 200 meter
and Jessica Ennis was a star of stars as she won #2 of 3 gold medals in an hour.
She won for Heptatholon.

The good looking (double amputee) from South Africa
Oscar Pistorius 

And last but not in time
It's the Jamaicans! Oh SNAP can these men run!!!
The "Beast" Yohan Blake  
And "The Fastest Man on Earth" Usain Bolt!
I could watch these men run over and over and over!

This was a games to remember and it ended with a fun closing ceremonies that included the Spice Girls I have to say that I am going to miss coming home from work and watching these games. Its been a good 16 days!

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