Wednesday, October 5, 2011

To My Big Brother

On this Day 31 years ago...
There are a few things to note that happened on October 5th, 1980

For starters

*the Formal opening of the Meditation hall of Zenshin Temple in
  Riverdale Bronx happened
*for those sports fans out there the Yanks set AL attendance mark at 2,627,417
*the yearly Inflation Rate in the USA was 13.58%
*the average cost of new house was $68,700.00
*the average Income per year was at $19,500.00
*the average Monthly Rent was $300.00
*the cost of a gallon of Gas was $1.19
*the average cost of a new car was$7,200.00
*and Men's Casual Shirt was $14.00
*American Actor Ronald Reagan was US President
*Pierre Trudeau was the Canadian Prime Minister for the 2nd time
*and Paul Thomas (a musician for the band Good Charlotte was born October 5, 1980.


But most notably for me was the birth of
my Big Brother on this the 5th day of October 1980.

 As a small child my brother was my look out, my protector, and my best friend.
 He was my parent’s reminder that I was around; he was the one who taught me that fog was a lazy cloud, and that there were only 2 languages in the world 
(English and Spanish).
 He showed me how to bake a cake without a recipe, and taught me how to play
with GI Joes, and transformers, and a great game of hide and seek.

As a not so small child he was the one who made me walk on the other side of the road he would let me know when I had crossed the line
(in the back seat of the car)
and the only time we would really do anything together was when we would play balloon volleyball in my parents bedroom, or got the neighbourhood kids together for the ‘Neighbourhood Olympics’.

As a teenager I remember when the flip happened and we became friends again –
I was 14 years old and we were at WEM in McDonalds and he shared a drink
we were now friends once more.

But as an adult he has turned into one of my BEST FRIENDS.
When he is sad or hurt, I’m sad and hurt. I
 cry tears of joy when beautiful moments happen in his life.
He married the most amazing person and together they go
through life lifting each other.
I am so blessed to have him as a Big brother. I know that we have our fights and that we didn’t always get along. But I also know that we will always have each other and that he is looking out for me as much as I am for him (if not more).
Happy Birthday to my Dear Brother you have so much to offer the world and you need to always remember that.

Never forget that you have God given talents

*You have a gift with children and you have little spirits
that can’t wait to meet you! (I know CG3 is pumped to come down)
*You have a gift for seeing things in new ways and a thirst for knowledge.
*You play soccer like you were born in Chile
*You play basketball like you grew up in the Bronx 
*Really any sport you try, you excel in.
*Now that Blockbuster has gone bust – not even Netflicks can keep up with
  your extensive movie collection
*You love your family and I know that you want what best for us all.
Never forget to have faith in the Lord, and that when you follow his commandments he will bless you here on earth and through the eternities.
We are all blessed to have you and we love you!

 Happy Birthday D!

Love your lil sis Kali xo

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