Thursday, September 29, 2011

September, September... Oh where have you gone?

Ok so I started off with a BANG and stopped just as fast as I started. 
This month has been one to remember.... or not!
 To be honest I don't remember much about this busy month as it has flown by.

But this month started off with so much to remember. I took some NEEDED days off to try and learn what R & R really is.
 But I couldn't start that right away... 
I took the first day to work on a few things for a Friends wedding that helping with.
(Oct I have 2 of my very best friends get married - one at the beginning of the month 
and one at the end)

So with the help of the Groom (my dear Friend Carter) 
and a Brides maid (another VERY close friend Cindy)
We made String Balls....

It was a late night but I have to say I am so Excited to see them in full use!

But in the midst of this crafting I was invited to the Josh Groban concert. 
Now lets talk about lucky.... I was 2nd row from the front (on the side) and I fell in LOVE!
I know, I know your going to think with Josh - don't get me wrong he lived up to all I had heard (Shhhhhhh.... I wasn't a fan prior to the concert - that was a mistake, I know!)
But the one I fell for was his Percussionist - Oh golly that man was pure talent!
The next night I had a Sleep over with my beautiful niece and nephew and We had a 
late night run to Mac's, endless games on Wii, a late night movie, and hamburgers for breakfast
I think that this was a dream come true - and not just for me.....

Now after this weekend of Fun I went back to work and the beautiful surprise I had when I got there was an offer to go to the Cirque du Soleil performance of 'Ovo'

I wish I could say the words "I can do that" and mean it... But it may take me a few months to get there.

The next few weeks is filled with Work, work, work...

I also was able to hear some wonderful talks at a Relief Society Conference one that really helped remind me to love and be grateful for the here and now. There is no use hoping and wishing for things I don't have - when all I need to be grateful for is what I do.

This month coming up is an exciting one. I start with General Conference... I am so exciting for this! I also am doing a shower for my Bestie Whitney. It's a busy weekend but it'll be SO good!

And After that its a month of celebrating Weddings, Birthdays, and Thanksgiving!

I am so blessed and so grateful for this BEAUTIFUL life of mine.
What more can I ask for?

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