Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Summertime and the liven' is easy......

"Fish are Jumpin' and the cotton is high"

 These words are the start of a beautiful lullaby my mom used to sing to me every night as she helped me on my way to sleep. It has a lovely "blues" melody and worked like magic to help me drift off.
 I still feel warm and tingly and a tad bit sleepy when I hear that tune. 

But it does make me think about Summertime. You know I'm really not a summer girl, you wont see me baking in the sun or hiking, or really anything to outdoorsy, not in the summer. You see; I'm sadly allergic to the sun and because of that I get a lovely speckled rash whenever I am near the suns rays,
as well I burn like a tree in a forest fire.
(maybe not the best analogue, but it's true) 
So with all of this as I'm sure you can understand - I am not in love with summer. 

But what I can appreciate about
summer is it's beauty - the blue skies and green grass.
(I appreciate it mostly from an air conditioned office/car/basement suite)
I also love the fact that it is the middle man between my two favorite seasons
  Spring and Autumn. 

I love the Spring and the rain it brings, the thunderstorm light shows and those showers that help bring Summers green leaves and grass to life, the puddles, rain jackets, gumboots and fun umbrellas.

But Autumn.... Oh how I love the Autumn, I feel like everything good is in the Autumn.
 General Conference (okay, okay so that's in the Spring too), Thanks Giving, Halloween, feeling the weather change from warm to a crisp/cool breeze, I love when the leaves start to fall and I can hear/feel the crunch under my feet, and most of all I love their colours; beautiful oranges, rich reds and burgundies
  Ooooo I just LOVE the Autumn.

So why the song about Summertime when I am sharing
words of affirmation to my 'season of love' Autumn?
Well it's because I am not one for taking vacations. I take time off from work yes,
but I generally do so that I can assist in the planning of friends weddings,
or other organized events.
 Growing up - Summertime is when you went on Summer Vacation.
The song lyrics are "Summertime and the liven' is easy" unfortunately in the Event industry I would say it's anything but.... We have Weddings, Stampede,
and then a few more Weddings.
I feel blessed to learn and grow and share my creativity/organizational skills in all of it, but I have learned that I need this in moderation.

So I have taken an extended long weekend. I'm excited for my non-planned/planned Vacation. I do have one day (Thursday) dedicated to weddings
(I am helping two very close friends with their planning)
 so as of Friday I am a free bird.

The picture below is to show me in my dream of
beautiful beaches and a sun kissed glow.
Maybe (when all is said and done) the Lord will allow me one day's rest
 to lay on a beach feel the white sand under my toes and soak it all up.

Until then I will spend my time off with those I love
 Family, Friends, and a good book or two.

Oh what a life I get to live.



  1. Welcome to blog land Kalia! I also LOVE autumn. I'm super excited it is already on it's way. The summer is too hot for me and filled with too many bugs (I'm wicked allergic to mosquito bites). So I pretty much spend it indoors. But fall (sigh) after that first frost, where the bugs have all died, I love to go out for walks dressed in a warm vest, long pants and a fun toque.

    Your job sounds very exciting. I would love to do something like that. Keep posting pictures of your events. I'd love to see them.

  2. Thank you Jen!

    You are so kind. It is a fun job for sure! I will try my best to get good photos up!